Chogga Rinpoche

The 10th Kyabje Chogga Rinpoche was born to Lodrue Gyaltshen and Kunzang Choedron in Nangchen in 1981. From his earliest years, he was destined to become an exceptional being, possessing superior spiritual qualities and abilities. The late Kyabje Adeu Rinpoche recognized him as the 10th Dorje Namkya Mipham Dongyud Tenpei Nyima's reincarnation, and placed him on the elevated, golden throne of everlastingness when he was seven years old. From that time he started to learn reading and writing, as well as many of the Drukpa sect’s rituals and disciplines.

When Kyabje Chogga Rinpoche reached the age of fourteen, he received several empowerments. The first was the Mahamudra, the second, he received empowerment of the Six Yoga of Naropa from the root guru Kyabje Adeu Rinpoche. Third, he received also the empowerments of the Drukpa doctrines. All these empowerments, whose true nature and meaning he realized and practiced in a three years retreat. In addition, he received complete initiation and transmission of the Drukpa Lineage, which he has also practiced and mastered. Because of Kyabje Chogga Rinpoche’s immense compassion, he has taken the responsibility of reconstructing the monastery for devotees and other sentient beings.

He has received new practitioners such as monks and students and supports them in their livelihoods. Besides taking the responsibilities of reconstructing the monastery and building accommodation for the monks, Kyabje Chogga Rinpoche has built a school for the children from surrounding areas and he is continually taking responsibility for the well-being and alleviation of the suffering of all sentient beings.

The above was taken from Kyabje Chogga Rinpoche's official website: