4th ADC - The 4th ADC ends in the Hemis Monastery

The day started very early with the 100,000 Sengey Tsewa Ganchakra offering in the old shrine of Hemis Monastery, followed by the Q&A session chaired by His Eminence Apho Rinpoche, His Eminence Khamdag Rinpoche and 5 Khenpos. The session was full of active floor participation. There wasn't enough time to finish.

His Holiness gave a short teaching on the "50 Stanzas of Guru Devotion" detailing the 50 devotional ways to treat one's guru.

This was followed by an appreciation ceremony where certificates were presented to the group leaders of different volunteer groups.

In the evening, tens of thousands of devotees gathered in the courtyard of Hemis, and led by His Holiness, Rinpoches, monks and nuns, 100,000 lamps were offered to dispel the darkness of ignorance in benefit of all beings.

The night concluded with a variety of cultural performances depicting the different cultures and traditions of Ladakh, once an important crossroad for silk trade in Central Asia.

The competition of the few days of cultural performances saw Sa-Da-Nam (Bhutanese movie) produced by Lhaki Dolma standing in the 3rd place, the Ladakhi cultural performing group in the 2nd place and the Druk White Lotus School children in the 1st place.

With the happy and auspicious conclusion, everyone looks forward to the 5th ADC to be held in July/August 2013 at Hemis Monastery.