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Nuns Raising Funds for Victims in Burma and Sichuan

A Report from Druk Gawa Khilwa Nunnery

(Kathmandu, Nepal)

21st May 2008

We read a message from H.E. Khamtrul Rinpoche (Gyalwa Dokhampa) Jigme Pema Nyinjadh on ADC website about the disasters in Burma and Sichuan and yesterday we also read a very important message on the website of His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa, our root guru, about the importance of helping others, especially now when we can see on the news about the suffering in Burma and Sichuan. We felt very sorry for the victims and the survivors. Ever since we heard the news, we dedicated our prayers for everyone suffering there and we pray for their happiness and liberation from suffering.

Many of us really want to do something to help them, but we are in Kathmandu and also we don't have the technical skills to go and help them directly. All the nuns at DGK Nunnery decided to do little fundraising among ourselves for the victims. As we do not have a lot of money, we cannot help a lot, so we only managed to raise  Nepali Rupees 11,966. Although this is a very small sum of donation, we hope this will sends our prayers and well-wishes for the survivors in two places.

May this world and the universe be free of suffering.

All nuns send best wishes and prayers from DGK Nunnery