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Leh plants record 50k saplings in 33 min

23 October 2010, NDTV

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LEH: Two months after flashfloods devastated the region and left over 200 dead, thousands of people, including Hong Kong musician-filmmaker Kenny Pee and Spanish actor Carlos Leal, turned out to plant saplings to create environmental awareness at Karu on Leh outskirts on Sunday.

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His Eminence Khamtrul Rinpoche (Gyalwa Dokhampa)

Love in the Samsaric world

Hong Kong, The CUP Magazine, March 2012, Issue 122 (Text: Tong Ming/Photo: Yu Sai-Pui/English Translation: Carol P. Lai) Download PDF version His Eminence (HE), the 9th Kyabje Khamtrul Rinpoche came to Hong Kong to preach Buddha Dharma. In his early thirties, Rinpoche’s talk is filled with words of wisdom and compassionate delight. This personal flair can hardly be found in the Hong Kong generation born in the 1980s who are usually overwhelmed with anger and bitterness.

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Ladakhis enter Guinness Records

10 October 2010, The Hindu

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LEH: In a little more than two months after the devastating floods hit the Himalayan district of Leh, the people of the region created a world record by planting the most number of trees in a record number of time.

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Loyal to the lineage

The link between Ladakh and the Drukpa lineage dates back to Zhabdrung’s time

By Samten Yeshi, Ladakh

Tagna monastery in Ladakh : The Drukpa monastery was offered to Zhabdrung’s representative Chojey MuzinpaBeside the natural beauty and the landscape that Ladakh share with Bhutan, it was the devotion of the Ladakhis for the two line- ages of Zhung druk-druk Ralung in Tibet and Lho-druk in Bhutan that made Ladakh the favourite venue for the 3rd Drukpa Coun- cil, say to organisers.

Deputy chairperson of ADC , Drukpa Thuksey Rinpoche, said the Zhung Drukpa lineage in Tibet and Lho-druk from Bhu- tan originated from two 5th Gyel- wang Drukpa Rinpoches, born as Pagsam Wangpo, that spread the Drukpa lineage in Tibet; and Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in Bhutan.

“Drukpa Lineage in Hemis monastery and Tagna monastery are the most significant monas- teries in Ladakh’s religious history and its relation with two major Drukpa lineages,” Rinpoche said.

According to local Ladakh history, Gyelwang Pagsam Wangpo sent Taktsang Raypa Nawang Gyatsho, on the invitation from Ladakh king Singye Namgyel, and founded the Drukpa Lineage in Hemis Monastery, thus extending his lineage to Ladakh.

On the other hand, Chojey Muzinpa was offered the Tagna monastery in Ladakh, which is now over 500 years old, after Zhabdrung Nawang Namgyel sent him as his representative on the invitation from Chogyal Singye Namgyel in 1590.Hemis Monastery

According to historical records of Tagna monastery published by the Tagna mo- nastic school, Chojey Muzinpa later founded the current Tagna monastery and relocated it to the present site from the bottom of the hill in 1618.

A statue of Zhabdrung Ngadrama (look alike statue), self crafted by Zhabdrung himself, is also found in Tagna monastery among its sacred relics today.

Since then the Tagna monastery became the link between Ladakh and Zhabdrung in Bhutan, and the Hemis monastery, the link between Gyalwa Pagsam Wangpo (the fifth Gyalwang Drukpa) in Tibet.

Locals believe that the Lho- druk tradition of Drukpa Lineage, founded by Zhabdrung after he settled in Bhutan, was introduced in Ladakh, after Jetsun Ngawang Gyeltsen became the next seat holder in place of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel from 1680 to 1720.

About 21 lists of seat holder in Tagna monastery, until the 19th seat holder Lama Tashi Tenphel were appointees from Bhutan. After Bhutan stopped appointing, Lama Tashi Tenphel’s successive reincarnations took over as the seat holder of the monastery.

Current seat holder was the 4th Tagna Rinpoche Doenyoed Dorjee, who passed away on January 25 last year. “His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa has said our rinpoche (Tagna Rinpoche Doenyoed Dorjee) has a reincarnation, but we’re yet to locate him,” Damchoe Jurmey, treasurer of Tagna monastery in Ladakh, said.

In memory of the religious bond established by Zhabdrung between Bhutan and Ladakh, over 40 monks from Bhutan, who are attending the ADC made a Tshogkhor in Tagna Monastery yesterday.

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Aamir dons role of ambassador

30 September 2010, The Times of India

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Expressing his views on his new role, the actor stated, "I am delighted to accept this role to help support such a major global project. Live to Love has already made a huge impact and helped hundreds of people around the world. I am looking forward to making a difference." Aamir's new role was announced recently at the Royal Society, London.

The Drukpa lineage has been working at imparting education in the most challenging situations like at Druk Padma School, which is located in the remote Himalayan region between Pakistan and China in northern India.

The school's mission is to provide an effective modern education while maintaining traditional values and cultures. It has won numerous awards including World Architecture Awards for best green building, best education building and best building in Asia. The school came to limelight after Bollywood super hit '3 Idiots' in which the hero, Rancho (Aamir Khan), disappears to Ladakh, dreams up inventions and creates a 'special school'.

The school was badly affected due to the cloudburst in the mountainous region on August 6. Aamir had visited it on August 18 to take stock of the situation and give aid for its restoration. He also interacted with the students who were in a state of shock following the disaster. Aamir had not disclosed the exact amount donated by him to the school, but assured to pay as per his capability.

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Pilgrims from Bhutan in Tsho Pema

Pilgrims from Bhutan offer Tshok at the sacred cave of Guru Rinpoche and Khandro Mendarawa in Tshopema, Himachel Pradesh. The pilgrims are on their way to the Annual Drukpa Council, to be held in Ladakh, which begins from August 22. (Source: Kuensel Newspaper, Bhutan)

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UN Recognition

26 September 2010, Punjab Kesari

The news brief in Punjab Kesari talks of His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa who has been awarded United Nations Millennium Development Goal Award for eco-friendly schools. The feature also talks about Aamir khan as Global Ambassador for Live to Love Initiative.

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Ladakh to play host

18 April 2011 by Tenzin Namgyel, Kuensel News, on 3rd Annual Drukpa Council (read news at Kuensel Online) - The next annual Drukpa council (ADC) will be held in a fascinating destination, surrounded by ancient monasteries, within snowcapped Himalayan peaks, and characterised by quaint frozen lanes.

Ladakh, or the land of passes, will play host to scores of Buddhists from across the world, for the third ADC, the world’s largest assembly of Drukpa Lineage masters, scholars and trulkus on August 23.

The first two gatherings were held in Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, where more than 10,000 participants, including Drukpa masters from Bhutan, Nepal, Ladakh, Tibet, south Asia, Europe and many from the western societies gathered to pay their respect to Buddha’s teachings.

The masters exchanged and discussed views on their understanding of the core values of Buddhist principles.

This time, one of India’s coldest regions, which is more than 3,000m above sea level, will be a melting pot for people of different race, colour and ethnicity, all bound by a common goal of spreading the 2,500-year old Buddha’s teachings.

The council was founded to share ideas and strengthen relationships within the Drukpa Lineage, and exchange the richness of its spiritual legacy among lineage holders.

The emphasis, advisor and the then council’s chairman, the 9th Khamtrul rinpoche, Jigme Pema Nyinjadh, was appreciative and respectful of individuals, irrespective of their diverse backgrounds and cultures.

“The past councils went beyond the Sangha (Buddhist community) members, in terms of creating awareness and interest, not only through spiritual activities, but also through various charitable and humanitarian activities,” said rinpoche.

Part of the program included the ‘Live to Love’ charity music concert on development of education and health, preservation of culture and environment in the Himalayas and victims of natural disasters.

On preparation of a road map to Ladakh, founders of ADC headed by Khamtrul Rinpoche, last weekend in Thimphu, discussed various points concerning teachings, logistics, travel and official participants from Bhutan and abroad.

Many Bhutanese volunteers, who number more than 20, felt it was a rare opportunity to go to a sacred place like Ladakh, which has its spiritual connection with Bhutan for the week-long program.

“I can’t afford to miss a lifetime opportunity like this,” a volunteer Singye Dorji said.

The spiritual connection between Bhutan and Ladakh that began since the time of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, volunteers felt, will further tighten the bond between them.

By Tenzin Namgyel

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UN award for Drukpa Lineage

25 September 2010, The Hindu

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New York: The head of Buddhist sect Drukpa Lineage, Gyalwang Drukpa, and his global charity ‘Live To Love' that builds eco-friendly schools aimed at teaching young women leadership skills has bagged the United Nation Millennium Development Goals Award.

The annual Millennium Development Goals Awards provide a platform to raise awareness about the critical work of the United Nations and honour and celebrate the exceptional work of select national governments and individuals contributing to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals around the world.

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