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ADC Emblem

ADC Emblem

The Dragon, symbolizing the Drukpa (Dragon) Lineage, embraces the world or the p...

About ADC

About ADC

The ADC was envisioned by His Holiness the Twelfth Gyalwang Drukpa, His Holiness...

Aims and Objectives of ADC

Aims and Objectives of ADC

In August 2008, the ADC Organizing and Working Committee announced that the firs...

6th ADC Announcements

6th ADC Announcements
Message from 6th ADC Chairman

Message from 6th ADC Chairman

I, on behalf of ADC organizing Committee, would like to welcome all the Masters of the Drukpa Lineage (Dragon Masters), followers, as well as those who wish to know more and learn more about Bud...


Advisors to the 6th ADC masters
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Masters attending the 6th ADC



Sixth Annual Drukpa Council - Living in Harmony

JAMPA, Theme of the 2nd ADC

The theme of the 2nd ADC is "Respect and Appreciate with Love and Understanding". Based on this, His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa says:

The world cannot be in peace and harmony
if we don't have the skills to respect and appreciate
with love and understanding.
Similarly, the complex relationships
between beings and their communities
and between living beings and Nature
cannot remain in peace and harmony without these skills.

JAMPA. This graceful calligraphy on the cover spells out the Tibetan word jam-pa. This term encompasses benevolence, friendliness, kindness and love. In Sanskrit, this word is maitri or "loving-kindness", and is also the name of the first of the four Brahmaviharas (the Four Immeasurables). To have jam-pa means to have a state of mind in which one genuinely desires happiness for all sentient beings. Jam-pa also functions as an antidote to anger and other harmful states of mind. The 2nd Annual Drukpa Council's mission is to nurture jam-pa so that each of us may learn to respect and appreciate, with true love and understanding.

To download the front and back pages of the main brochure (PDF format), please click the images below:

Front (poster) - 2.04MB

Back (information brief) - 6.17MB