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Message from 6th ADC Chairman

HE 6th ADC web

I, on behalf of ADC organizing Committee, would like to welcome all the Masters of the Drukpa Lineage (Dragon Masters), followers, as well as those who wish to know more and learn more about Buddha Dharma in general, specially about this thousand-year old Lineage - Lineage of Yogi, Lineage of Practitioners. I would like to welcome all of you to attend the 6th Annual Drukpa Council at Drukpa Amitabha Mountain, Kathmandu, Nepal.

I have been once again given the honour of serving the Drukpa Lineage by His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa. As per his command and guidelines, which was given to me when we organized the 1st ADC, everything we do should be in order to serve the lineage. Because the lineage is the most previous thing that something we have, because from the lineage, the Masters came about. And, it is to sustain the lineage that the Masters develop the monasteries in different countries and different regions. So, that is why, myself and my team will be trying our best to serve the entire lineage of this great Lineage of Dragon. Whatever efforts that we put will be with the aim of serving the lineage. Wherever it is, wherever the Masters are from, we hope that this ADC will serve in introducing and creating awareness and sharing the rich spiritual heritages of this lineage to all the participants.

And, this year's theme of ADC is, "Living in Harmony". So, this theme, I believe, His Holiness has chosen perhaps in his great wisdom, saw the need. I also, from my own experience, feel that sometimes we feel constrained or in difficult situation because we feel that we have the best of intention, yet our intentions are perceived wrongly by others. But, I think that His Holiness's message for this ADC is that, just as we have the most sincere intentions, similarly others can have the most sincere intentions. Yet, due to our perceptions, how we express our best intentions can be seen differently. That is why, as long as the intentions is good in ourselves, in others, we need to respect each other regardless of how it appears to the outside. Through that, I believe that the His Holiness's wish and this theme of the 6th Annual Drukpa Council , "Living in Harmony", would be fulfilled.

So, I welcome all of you to discover more about your own or our own spiritual heritage. Thus, others who are interested to learn more about this lineage of Yogis, Lineage of Six Yoga, Lineage of Great Yogis, Lineage of Three Divine Madmen, and so forth - I invite all of you to the 6th Annual Drukpa Council, so that you can receive various teachings from Great Masters.

Thank you.

His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa
Organizing Chairman
The Sixth Annual Drukpa Council