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Gyalwa Dokhampa Jigme Pema Nyinjadh

The Gyalwa Dokhampa Lineage

The coming of the Gyalwa Dokhampa lineage was prophesied by Guru Padmasambhava repeatedly in both the old and newly revealed Terma treasures (Tib. Terlung Ngachey). Enlightened masters such as Drupthob Lhawang Drakpa, Lochen Sangay Pelzang and Rigzin Jatshoen Nyingpo (a great master of the Nyingmapa Lineage), as well as many others have also predicted and praised the coming of the Kyabje Gyalwa Dokhampa lineage.

The term Khamtrul or Gyalwa Dokhampa literally means "the reincarnation (Trulku) from Kham" (in eastern Tibet), as the First Gyalwa Dokhampa Ngawang Tenphel (1569-1637)  came from the Kham region (present day it includes Kham and Amdo regions in eastern Tibet).

His Eminence the Ninth Gyalwa Dokhampa Jigme Pema Nyinjadh

gdokhampa JPN-adcHis Eminence the Gyalwa Dokhampa  Jigme Pema Nyinjadh was born  in 1981, into the family of His Holiness the Twelfth Gyalwang Drukpa, and was recognised by His Holiness the HH Gyalwang Drukpa and HH Dalai Lama as the ninth  incarnation  of the Gyalwa Dokhampa.  He studied at Druk Thupten Sangag Choeling Monastery in Darjeeling, India, where he spent his childhood and teenage years under the guidance of his principal teacher, His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa.

In 2001, HE came to Bhutan to study in Tango University and he completed a nine-year course to attain his Master’s degree in Buddhist Philosophy from Tango Monastic University, Bhutan. He is now continuing the secret inner practices of the Vajrayana in Bhutan from both His Holiness the Je Khenpo and His Holiness Je Thrizur Tenzin Dhodup (the 68th Je-Khenpo of Bhutan).

His Eminence teaches worldwide bringing a young and vibrant viewpoint to traditional Buddhist teachings. Since 2000, he has shared his knowledge and  warmth  of personality with students in the USA, Europe, Mexico, Bhutan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong  Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and  Peru, he has led annual retreats in Nepal and Bhutan, and been a keynote speaker at the Buddhism and Science Symposium – ‘Growing a Beautiful Mind’ – in Singapore. He is also authored the book, "The Restful Mind", which was published in 2013. His Eminence also chaired Annual Drukpa Council for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010 which was held in Drukpa Amitabha Mountain, Nepal.

His Eminence also frequently travels to Schools, Colleges and Institutes in Bhutan where he shares his wisdom warmth of personality with the younger generation of Bhutan. His Eminences led pilgrimages to several sacred sites in Lhuntse, Trashi Yangtse, Mongar and Bumthang.

Gyalwa Dokhampa  emphasises that Buddhism is not a religion, but rather a way to finding happiness. He also works to make Buddhist  ideals relevant to a modern  lifestyle, so that  they may be integrated  into everyday life, less through  self-help than through  selflessness and generosity to others: as we give to others, we give to ourselves.

For more information about Rinpoche, his schedule and activities, please visit his official website: