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Buddhism and Vegetarianism

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In modern times as the world is developing and prospering, everything seems abundant and life styles and values are changing subtly every day.   While an average Buddhist is aware of values such as not to harm, cultivate virtues and to tame the mind, probably the most applied value is not to harm/not to take a life.  This is very evident in the fact that an average Buddhist practitioner will never adopt the vocation of being a butcher or a slaughterer.  The question that remains is - what is the scope of being a Vajrayana/Mahayana practitioner in our daily lives in our own countries?  At the same time, at a global level there seems to be several movements such as ‘Green Monday’ ‘Meatless Monday’, being a vegan, ova-lacto vegetarian, vegetarian, etc…  , what else motivates one to change an average eating life style?  How can we explore one of the core Buddhist concept/values of not harming on a deeper level and to explore the relevance/connection of the changing food consumption patterns and movement at the global level.

The esteemed guest speakers are – His Eminence Thuksey Rinpoche: , Dr Julia Jus: specialist in Homeopathy, detoxification and rejuvenation and has been passionate in the field of vegetarianism and health; Mrs. Eno Yim : Director, School of Everyday Life, Hong Kong, with the mission to promote positive changes in daily life. Eno aspires to stretch the scope of education and re-bridge education with daily life, to foster mindfulness and empathy in everyday choices; moderated by Namgay Zam, renown Journalist, Thimphu, Bhutan.

Brief Profiles of the Guest Speakers

Dr. Julia Jus, USA

Julia has had an interest in health, well-being and spirituality since a young age. She has been fortunate to study with many of the renowned experts in the field of Raw Food and Rejuvenation. She received her Doctorate from The Open University of Complimentary Medicine and specializes in the detoxification and rejuvenation of the body a has a Masters in homoeopathy from the British Institute of Homoeopathy. She is a certified Universal Healing Tao instructor and is here today to speak about a 46 year long passion Vegetarianism and Health


Eno Yim, Hongkong

Director, School of Everyday Life (Hong Kong)

Eno receives her B.A. in Fine Arts form the Chinese University of Hong Kong and M.A. in Image Studies from the University of Ken in UK. Eno and some friends founded School of Everyday Life in early 2014, with the mission to promote positive changes in daily life. Since graduation Eno has been engaged in local art and education organizations. She was employed in government run museums, involved in cultural policy research projects, and in the meantime devoted to theatrical productions. Eno joined Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture (HKICC) in 2004 and HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity (HKSC) since 2006 to support development of education projects and curriculum oriented towards creativity and humanity. With various platforms and initiatives, Eno aspires to stretch the scope of education and re-bridge education with daily life, to foster mindfulness and empathy in everyday choices. 


Priyadarshi Dutta

Advisor, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Priyadarshi Dutta is an independent researcher and columnist based in New Delhi. His writings (around 500) on various national and international issues have appeared in multi-edition news daily The Pioneer, news portal Niti Central, policy magazine Governance Now etc since 1999. He has a deep interest in the history of religions – and their influence of shaping of civilizations in the East and West. Earlier he used to write in columns Credo and Meditation in Hindustan Times. He co-authored a book ‘Terrorism and Media’ (India Policy Foundation, 2009) comparing the responses of English, Hindi and Urdu press on acts of terrorism in India. He has closely followed and written about the derailing of the hyped ‘Nalanda University’ project of Government of India. He is planning to write an authentic book about the same. Priyadarshi Dutta is also a creative writer – and some of his short stories and poems are available on and etc. Born in Chandernagore, an erstwhile French colony in present state of West Bengal, he has grown up in New Delhi. He holds a graduation degree in English from Delhi University. He has worked in various organizations including Government of Delhi, Embassy of Egypt and Rajya Sabha Secretariat. He is currently working on a book on the History of Public Speaking in India.