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Masters attending the 6th ADC


The 6th ADC - Living in Harmony

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As ADC runs into its 6th year, it makes the shift to celebrate the living culture and heritage of the Drukpa Lineage in Nepal, Bhutan and India, and to highlight how the Buddha dharma is not only relevant but can be inculcated into our daily modern lives. 

Come, discover and rejoice in the richness and wonder of the Drukpa Lineage.  You can get a glimpse of the traditions, culture and heritage of the people of the Drukpa Lineage, celebrate the holiday season and ring in the new year with the Drukpas from all over the world, including Bhutan, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, France, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Germany, UK, USA to name a few.

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